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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chickens have nipples

Yes, that's right folks, and remember - you heard it here first. Chickens DO have nipples. Ours do, anyway, and I can prove it.

Drum roll please......

This, my friends, is indeed a chicken nipple. It's not very big, as you can see.
But this little thing has revolutionized our little chicken coop. You see, the chickens had been drinking from an ordinary poultry waterer, but they were forever knocking it over, spilling all of it out on the ground, making a mucky mess and leaving them very thirsty. Or if they didn't knock it over, they managed to make the water filthy with their scratching and pooping. So I went online searching for a solution and found these amazing chicken nipples.

I took a 2-gallon plastic bucket (the kind that icing comes in and you can get for free from your local bakery), drilled two holes in the bottom, and screwed in the nipples. Then I put water in the bucket, put the lid on, and hung it in the coop. Literally within minutes, those smart chickies were pecking at those nipples and enjoying their fresh clean water. No more mess! Can you tell I am ecstatic?

Here's what the new waterer looks like:
Isn't that cool? I bought the nipples and a drill bit that's exactly the right size to make the holes for the nipples from Avian Aqua Miser. There are lots of different set-ups you can use to customize your poultry waterer that you can learn about at their website. Go get some right now! No more poopy water! No more spills! YAY!